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At SimGolf Ireland, we offer the latest in golf simulation technology, allowing you to play on some of the world's most famous courses from the comfort of your own home. Our state-of-the-art simulators use advanced tracking systems to provide accurate ball flight data and realistic course conditions.

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An Awesome Partnership


We are thrilled to announce that SimGolf Ireland is now a proud distributor of the Awesome Golf App in Ireland!

This revolutionary app is now compatible with the Flightscope Mevo and Garmin R10 launch monitors,

making it an even more powerful tool for golfers of all skill levels.

The Awesome Golf App, when paired with Flightscope Mevo & Garmin R10 launch monitors, provides the most advanced and accurate data on club head speed, ball speed, spin rate and more, allowing you to analyze your swing and make the necessary adjustments for optimal performance.

This cool app provides unparalleled swing analysis, as well as access to a community of golfers to connect with and learn from.

With the Awesome Golf App, golfers can easily analyze their swing and receive instant feedback on their form.
The app also allows golfers to track their progress and set goals, making it the ultimate tool for improving your game.
SimGolf Ireland are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to access the Awesome Golf App,and to work with the app's developers to bring the best of golf technology to Ireland.

We believe that this combination of the Awesome Golf App and Flightscope Mevo & Garmin R10 launch monitors will take our customers' game to the next level.

Awesome Golf App,
Transform Your Launch Monitor With A Full Suite Of Games...

13 Awesome Modes To Choose From!

4 Challenge Modes:
Go Head To Head With Friends And Foes..
1. Closest To The Pin

  • 3 shots to get it in close on tricky Par 3 holes.
  • How close to the hole can you get?

2. Target Golf

  • Use strategy to select the best target.
  • Land in the scoring zones to earn points.
  • Who will get the most points?


Get Your Friends Over For A Few Rounds,

Will You Be The Champion?
3. Longest Drive
  • Test your power!
  • Each player has four shots.
  • Longest drive wins, but only if it’s in-bounds.
  • Do you have the power
    4. Skills Challenge
  • Sharpen up your game with these challenges.
  • Shot making tested to the limit.
  • Can you master the ultimate skills challenge?

For Kids, Big Kids And The 'Grown Ups'...
  • Chip into the pools to score points.
  • Sounds easy, but watch out for the sharks!
  • Is your short game good enough?
  • Hit boats for points.
  • Hop between islands to hunt them down!
  • How many boats can you blast?
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Shiny golden golf championship award with ball and laurel wreath
SimGolf Ireland Live Events
Come and join us for our live simulator events!
We have fun-filled days of golfing activities planned,
including Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin competitions.

These events are perfect for golfers of all skill levels and will provide an exciting way to improve your game and test your skills against other players. 

We will be offering prizes for the longest drive in each category,
as well as overall prizes for the top three players,
so come and join us and win some amazing prizes.

The benefits of Awesome Golf
  • Swing analysis and video instruction: The Awesome Golf App provides real-time feedback on your swing, including clubhead speed, ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle, and access to video instruction from top golf professionals.
  • Progress tracking: The app allows golfers to track their progress over time and set goals, making it easier to see improvements and identify areas of focus.
  • Community of golfers: The app provides access to a community of golfers, allowing users to connect with and learn from players of all skill levels.
  • PC & Mobile apps: The Awesome Golf App is available for PC's, IOS and on Android mobile devices, making it easy to access and use whether your at home, or on the go.
  • Awesome Golf app is compatible with different launch monitors like Flightscope Mevo & Garmin R10, which allows the golfer to have the most advanced and accurate data on their swing.